Your Favorite Group Fitness Classes Online!

Fitness should be FUN! As a Group Fitness Professional for 25 years I have taught on many stages sharing my passion for fitness with others. Now Im bringing my FAVORITE classes online!! Sullins Fit Studio is the party you never want to end...

What's Included:

Sullins Fit Studio is an on demand library including over 30 of your favorite group fitness classes! New Classes are added each month!

-Turbo Kick Library: 15 online classes:

Sample Class: 30 minutes

Round 52: 30 minutes

Finale Mash Up: 30 minutes

New Years Turbo Class: Round 66

Triple Turbo Throwdown with Kristina, Andrea & Jill

Round 26

Round 46

Round 52 & 17

Round 55

Round 67

Round 90

Round 91

Mash Up 1

Mash Up 2

Mash Up 3

-SOULfusion Library: 11 online classes. 

SoulFusion 30 minute class

Gritty Class - 30 minutes

Gritty 2 Class - 30 minutes

Graceful Class - 30 minutes

Collection 1 Launch Class

Collection 1 Bonus 1

Collection 1 Bonus 2

Collection 2 Launch Class

Collection 2 Double Cardio

Best of SoulFusion Class

Holiday SoulFusion Class

-Barre Library: 

Kristina's Barre Class - 60 minutes

*NEW* Barrless Class COMING SOON!

-Pop Pilates Library:  3 online classes. 

Pop 17

Pop 21

30 Minute Pilates Class

More about the workouts...

Turbo Kick is the ultimate cardio-kickboxing party that tones
muscle and torches fat with the hottest dance music. Burn 400-800 calories in this 60-minute workout!

Barreless is a fusion of the best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do, Barre Above® delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape.

Pop Pilates is strength meets flexibility. Think highly-focused movements that leave your body toned and transformed. This isn’t your average workout. It's a dance on the mat!

SOULfusion is a blend of yoga-inspired flows, cardio bursts, balance sequences, and strength training exercises set to crazy, FUN music! SOULFusion is all of your soulmate workouts wrapped into one.


ACE & AFAA Group Fitness/Turbo Kick/PiYo/Pop Pilates/Barre Above

Group Fitness Instructor for 25 years

Club Manager / District Manager & Fitness Director for a Women’s chain of 9 fitness clubs for 13 years

Presenter for Chalene Johnson’s Company:
Powder Blue Productions for 7 years
IL Presenter certifying over 1000 instructors to teach Turbo Kick, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle & All-Star Presenter Camp

Beachbody Independent Coach (current):

Creator of Dream Extreme & Coach Camp
Built a Team of 25K Fitness Enthusiasts (Coaches)

Manager of the Year / Grand Opening Record Breaker 2002 (W3)
5 STAR Presenter (PB)
Presenter of the Quarter 2010 (PB)
Million Club Member 2013 (Beachbody)
Superstar Coach 2015 (Beachbody)

"Omg! I loved it! Like in love. Drench w sweat and felt like I was dancing." 

-Jenny on SOULfusion

"That was SO good! That music was awesome and it was super hard but it's just what I need! Reminds me of PiYo a lot! 

-Jill on SOULfusion

"Girl, that was so fun!"

-Alischa on SOULfusion

"Best Turbo class yet!!! Your energy is amazing!!!!" 


"Thank you!!! Loved that one. You had incredible energy!" 


"Incredible workout" 


"I just wanted to say that I appreciate you! This was awesome :) I didn't get a chance to tune in live however just finished the recorded version and it was perfect, no lag." 


"Today I did the recording of POP Pilates with Kristina Sullins. I wanted to do her live class but was in the middle of a tough tele-physical therapy session. Great class! Excellent instructor!" 


"Thank you SO MUCH for recording these and sharing out. I am unable to make the live ones during work, so these are a great way to end my night after the rest of the house is asleep! Appreciate you and all that you're doing for the workout community!" 

- Jorie

It was SOOOOO good to be back with you this morning!!! I’ve been out for awhile. Like you and your family, we decided to pick up and go on vacation. We spent most of April in Maui. I needed ALL things Kristina this morning! I needed the full body low impact, low impact cardio (which at times didn’t feel low impact, thank you burpees) and the stretching! Let’s just talk about starting out with the elbow on the knee/ twist stretch that was life changing! Thank you also, for the crucial reminder that I need to do more low impact because of my inflammation issues. I don’t know why I forget that but I do. I think I’m so programmed for high intensity cardio that I have a hard time sowing down BUT my 54 year old Ulcerative Colitis body is telling me I have to make some changes and you nailed it this morning. Thank you for the amazing workout, the transparency and keeping it “real”. That’s just a few of the reasons you are so well thought of! Here’s to continuing to change lives and make a difference! Cheers! Clink!